Shift Happens When People Collaborate: Great Bear Rainforest and South East Queensland Case Studies

Photo of people putting heads together

Big shifts in environmental policy can be confirmed by the money and resources spent on instituting the policy decisions through statutes, regulations, agreements, and policy statements. Policy changes are only meaningful when they carry the legislative force of the state. Anything less is mere talk and wishful thinking. In this article I will consider two … Read more

Irukandji Jellyfish Facts and Adaptations (Can They Kill You? Are they spreading?)

Irukandji by Lisa-ann Gershwin

We like to snorkel in tropical waters throughout the world and, as biologists, we’ve learned to be cautious when it comes to jellyfish.  Not only are jellyfish stings painful; some species can kill you!  In this article I will explore some of the latest scientific findings on one of the most dangerous groups of jellyfish … Read more

Why is the Cassowary the Most Dangerous Bird in the World? 10 Facts

A close up of a bird with a long beak, highlighting the Cassowary's dangerous nature and unique characteristics.

The Cassowary is one bird that commands respect and awe.  As a biologist I’ve noticed that much of the information circulating about these birds is misleading or downright incorrect.  Join me as we travel to North Queensland, Australia for real facts about these amazing creatures. The Cassowary is dangerous because of its size and strength. … Read more