How do we Inspire Young People? Using Fun Facts to Engage Young Minds

How do we inspire the Young People in our lives?

I’ve been reflecting on this as we come towards the end of our time on the Viking World Cruise. 

Our lives have been filled with so many awesome experiences, stories and photos! 

A hippopotamus, aggressive in nature, with its mouth wide open, lying in a pond covered with green vegetation.
Hippos don’t yawn because they are tired. This is a threat display to show off their giant tusks!

What are the messages we want to convey to our friends and family?

My wife Jan reminds me that we owe our young ones the favor of transmitting hope for the future rather than despair over the state of the world… especially the natural world.

I believe kids love fascinating facts and stories about animals because they can easily engender a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world.

When I was a youngster I couldn’t get enough of the stories of nature and travel by authors like Gerald DurrellMark TwainLoren Eiseley, and Edward Abbey.

I’m in the process of gathering some of the most fascinating facts I can discover about animals and collecting them in a book under the pen name of B. B. Brilliant.  You can download a free preview here.

A Sampling of Some Fun Animal Facts

The barrel eye fish, Opisthoproctus soleatus, has a transparent head! Its eyes are nestled inside tubular structures that allow them to look upwards through their transparent skull. This peculiar adaptation allows the barrel eye fish to have a 360-degree field of vision without moving its body, making it an expert at detecting prey and avoiding predators in the darkness of the deep sea. Almost better than having eyes in the back of your head!

The secretary bird. With its long legs, it stomps on its prey until it’s stunned or killed, earning its reputation as the “snake killer.” This distinctive African raptor has long, crane-like legs and an eagle-like body, renowned for its snake-hunting prowess. The name “secretary bird” is believed to have originated from the 1800s when European settlers observed the bird with long, dark quills at the back of its head, resembling the quill pens that secretaries would tuck behind their ears or in their hair, or from the Arabic word “saqr-et-tair,” which means “hunter-bird.”

A close-up of a stilt-walker bird with striking red and yellow eyes and a dramatic crown of long black feathers against a tan background.
Secretary bird of the African savannah showing its fancy quills

The blue-ringed octopus, Hapalochlaena maculosa, is only the size of a human fist, but it possesses one of nature’s most potent venoms. It carries enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes, making it one of the world’s most dangerous creatures. When disturbed or upset this small octopus displays vibrant blue rings that serve as a warning sign. If you see one of these creatures, don’t wait for the blue rings to appear!

The hairy frog, also called the horror frog or wolverine frog, possesses a truly astonishing defense mechanism. When threatened, this frog can break its own bones and push them through its skin, forming sharp claws. These bony claws act as formidable weapons, allowing the frog to fend off attackers effectively. This bizarre adaptation is both fascinating and spine-chilling.

My goal for writing Brilliant books:

I write books designed to “Spark Imagination and Brighten Minds” under the pen name B.B. Brilliant, I believe strongly in the transformative power of storytelling to inspire young readers to explore the boundless realms of creativity and knowledge.

“By crafting enchanting books filled with fun facts, adventure, and valuable life lessons, B.B. Brilliant aims to ignite the spark of imagination within each child, encouraging them to dream big, think creatively, and embrace their unique brilliance.”

Through B. B. Brilliant books I seek to provide a gateway to a world where young minds can delve into the wonders of imagination, learn important values, and ultimately emerge with a brighter outlook on life and an insatiable thirst for discovery and nature.

I believe books by B. B. Brilliant have a bright future!  My hope is that they will inspire many young people for decades to come!