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Photo of hamster

12 Cannibal Animal Facts and Surprises! (Is Your Cute Hamster Truly Harmless?)

Contrary to popular belief, cannibalism—the act of eating members of one's own species—occurs frequently in the natural world. For examples ...
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12 Reasons to Visit Table Mountain, Cape Town – Fun Facts and 360 Photos

Table Mountain was recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. We took the cable car to the ...
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360 Camera Travel Tips (How to Get the Best Shots with your 360 Camera)

I’ve used a 360 camera in my travels around the world for over half a dozen years.   I like to ...
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5 Top Tips for Awesome Travel Presentations (That Will Make You Stand Out!)

As a frequent guest speaker, I have given hundreds of presentations to audiences of 100-300 people or more. In this ...
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African Elephant Habitat Is No Accident (Essential Role of Elephants in the Ecosystem)

One of our favorite activities in Africa is to watch elephants in the wild. Anywhere, anytime! They are such intelligent ...
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Are Birds Dinosaurs? Latest Science (How Birds Evolved from Dinosaurs)

Yes, birds are the direct descendants of theropod dinosaurs, such as T. rex, that roamed planet earth over 100 million ...
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Photo of Komodo dragon

Are Komodo Dragons Dangerous? (Where Can you See Them?)

Ever since my days as a young biologist, one of my favourite creatures of all time has been the amazing ...
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Photo of naked mole rat

Are Naked Mole Rats Blind? | Weird Facts (Murderous Queens and Deadly Daughters)

Naked mole rats are not entirely blind, but they have very limited vision. Even though naked mole rats are rodents ...
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wolf showing teeth

Are Wolf Dogs Safe or Dangerous? Do Wolves or Wolf Dogs Make Good Pets?

I’ve always been fascinated with wolves and their ability to hunt cooperatively to bring down large animals like moose and ...
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Best Cruise Destinations for Wildlife in Africa / Madagascar.

Best Cruise Ports in Africa for Nature Lovers, Birders & Wildlife Watchers We have given nature presentations on cruise ships ...
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Best Cruise Ports for Nature-lovers in Australia and New Zealand (& Komodo Island)

We have given nature presentations on cruise ships for many years and have had the opportunity to visit over 90 ...
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Kodiak bear up close, Kodiak Alaska

Best Wildlife Watching in Alaska by Cruise Ship

As biologists and nature-lovers, our focus in this article is to provide some of the best wildlife watching experiences close ...
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Cranes migrating

Bird Migration Patterns | How Do Birds Navigate Without Getting Lost?

Bird migration remains one of the most fascinating phenomena in the animal kingdom, showcasing the remarkable navigational skills of our ...
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Jellyfish washed up on beach

Can Dead Jellyfish Sting?  How Do Stinging Cells (Nematocysts) Work? Is Vinegar Effective?

Yes, dead jellyfish can still sting you, even if you find one washed up on the beach. And it doesn’t ...
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Photo showing octopus

Can Octopus Arms Grow Back? (Are Regenerated Limbs Just as Good?)

Octopuses can regenerate entire arms, even though each arm has a mini brain and an extensive network of neurons. Healing ...
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Octopus walking across sea floor

Can Octopuses Walk on Two Legs? Octopus Locomotion Explained

Yes, octopuses have been observed walking on two legs. Its called "bipedal locomotion." I'm a biologist and I've written this ...
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Climbing the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree – Australia’s Scariest Tourist Attraction?

No one told me this was Australia’s scariest tourist attraction! Climbing a 75 m fire lookout tree seemed like a ...
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Coyote staring into camera

Coyote Attacks on Humans: Analyzing Recent Vancouver Incidents and North American Data

Have you ever wondered if coyotes pose a threat to humans? Recent incidents in Stanley Park, Vancouver, have raised concerns ...
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Deep sea anglerfish image

Deep Sea Anglerfish: 12 Amazing Facts You Might Not Believe

Deep-sea anglerfish are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world. These mysterious fish are known for their unique ...
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Jellyfish nervous system

Do Jellyfish have Brains? (How Jellies Hunt and Kill without Brains!)

As a biologist, I’m fascinated with one of the most successful creatures on our planet – the jellyfish. Let’s take ...
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