Viking World Cruise 2024

A joyful white dog running framed within an oval shape, accompanied by an inspirational quote from the Viking World Cruise 2024.

Hi Friends, thank you for visiting! It is my great pleasure to join you for this exciting segment of the Viking Sky World Cruise from Asia to Africa and around the Cape to Lisbon, where we will disembark. I am one of your guest speakers on board and my focus is on the Natural Sciences. … Read more

Does it Snow in Sydney, Australia? What is the Coldest Month? Is There Any Frost?

Photo of giant hailstones

I was born near Sydney Australia and, although I’ve lived in Canada for most of my life, I’ve spent lots of time in Sydney.  You’ve probably read generalized reports about winter in Sydney, but after reading several posts, I can tell you that few are based on personal experience. The chances of snow in Sydney … Read more

How Does Soybean Cultivation Contribute to Amazon Deforestation and Loss of Biodiversity?

Amazon deforestation

On a recent cruise up the Amazon river, we witnessed firsthand the relentless deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.  Our shore excursion to the rainforest meant hours of driving through large expanses of land that had been cleared to make way for agricultural use.  The biodiversity of the Amazon is at risk, particularly in Brazil.  I’ve … Read more

Best Wildlife Watching in Alaska by Cruise Ship

Kodiak bear up close, Kodiak Alaska

As biologists and nature-lovers, our focus in this article is to provide some of the best wildlife watching experiences close to popular cruise ship ports. Here are four of our favorite cruise ports in Alaska for experiencing wildlife and nature:Glacier BayKetchikanSewardKodiak Island We have been to each of these ports and would love to go … Read more

How to See MORE Wildlife in the Amazon: 10 Practical Tips

Tree frog in Amazon rainforest, Ecuador

After several visits to South America including an Amazon river cruise, and after careful research, we chose a lodge adjacent to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. This turned out to be one of our top trips for watching wildlife in many years of exploration throughout the world!  The Amazon is remote, involves long flights and … Read more

How to Find Travel Destinations with the Best Weather: 5 Top Tools

A map showing earthquake locations worldwide.

We travel extensively throughout the world and have learned how important it is to choose our destinations with the climate in mind.  Cold and soggy or sunny and warm – learn how to choose your perfect destination. Use these online tools to find worldwide travel destinations with the best weather for any month of the … Read more

Is it Safe to go on Safari with Africa’s Top Predators and Most Dangerous Animals?

A close up of a black buffalo on safari in Africa.

With our biology backgrounds, extensive research, and five trips to South Africa and Botswana, my husband and I have learned how to enjoy and stay safe with top predators.   If you plan well, learn the safety rules, and obey them, you can have a safe safari.  The safest way to view Africa’s predators is from … Read more

12 Reasons to Visit Table Mountain, Cape Town – Fun Facts and 360 Photos

Sunrise over Table Mountain in Cape Town, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of South Africa.

Table Mountain was recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.  We took the cable car to the top to find out why.  Join us as we discover 12 reasons to visit this iconic place of natural beauty with spectacular views of Cape Town. The view from the top of Table Mountain alone … Read more

Top Cruise Ports for Wildlife and Nature In Costa Rica

Scarlet macaw Costa Rica by George Sranko

Costa Rica is famous for its protected areas and wildlife watching opportunities. In this article we’ve highlighted some of our favorite spots that are easily accessible by cruise ship from Puerto Limon and Puntarenas. Puerto Limon, Costa Rica The Cruise terminal is located at Hernan Garron Salazar Where can you see wildlife? The closest place … Read more

Best Cruise Ports for Nature-lovers in Australia and New Zealand (& Komodo Island)

A man in a hat is standing next to a dead lizard on Komodo Island.

We have given nature presentations on cruise ships for many years and have had the opportunity to visit over 90 countries and at least 200 cruise ports throughout the world. In this article we’ve highlighted our top picks for the best cruise ports in Australia, NZ and SE Asia for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.  … Read more

Best Cruise Destinations for Wildlife in Africa / Madagascar.

African elephants standing in the grass, highlighting their essential role in maintaining habitat ecosystems.

Best Cruise Ports in Africa for Nature Lovers, Birders & Wildlife Watchers We have given nature presentations on cruise ships for over a dozen years and have had the opportunity to visit over 90 countries and at least 200 cruise ports throughout the world. In this article we’ve highlighted our top picks for the best … Read more

The Truth about Snorkeling in the Similan & Surin Islands of the Andaman Sea, Thailand

We recently returned from an exciting 4d/3n liveaboard snorkel cruise to the Similan and Surin islands in the Andaman Sea.  Snorkeling around these islands can be excellent or poor depending on the choices you make.  Here are some tips to help you plan a great snorkel trip, based on our experiences and observations. Much of … Read more

How Can We Save Our Oceans? With Marine Sanctuaries!

A striped fish swimming in the water promotes awareness for marine sanctuaries.

As a Bachelor of Science ecologist and avid free diver, I’ve done some research to see if there is progress in saving our amazing oceans.  After finding abundant evidence that Marine Sanctuaries are making a positive difference, my optimism is renewed.  Marine Protected Areas and Ocean Sanctuaries protect plants and animals, water quality, the ocean floor and shoreline, and the air that we breathe.  It is politically possible to set aside extensive areas where fishing, mining and … Read more

Climbing the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree – Australia’s Scariest Tourist Attraction?

Scaling Australia's Scariest Tourist Attraction, the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree.

No one told me this was Australia’s scariest tourist attraction!  Climbing a 75 m fire lookout tree seemed like a good idea at the time… age 66 and in my prime. Karri trees can grow up to 90 m (295 ft) and are among the tallest trees in the world and the highest trees tourists … Read more

Why are Animals of the Galapagos Islands Unique?

Galapagos iguana - unique animals.

A trip to the Galapagos islands is like a dream come true for naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts like us.  We’ve been fortunate to visit the Galapagos islands and I’ve written this article to help you prepare for a trip of a lifetime to see some of the most unique animals on the planet. Animals on … Read more