Does it Snow in Sydney, Australia? What is the Coldest Month? Is There Any Frost?

Photo of giant hailstones

I was born near Sydney Australia and, although I’ve lived in Canada for most of my life, I’ve spent lots of time in Sydney.  You’ve probably read generalized reports about winter in Sydney, but after reading several posts, I can tell you that few are based on personal experience. The chances of snow in Sydney … Read more

Platypus Venom and More (Yes, a Mammal with Eggs, a Duck-like Bill, and Electrical Receptors)

Photo of platypus

We’ve had the good fortune of sitting quietly and watching wild platypuses swimming and feeding in their native habitat in Eungella National Park, Australia.  The duck-billed platypus is often considered the most unique and bizarre mammal on the planet with some of the most unusual adaptations you will find anywhere.  Let’s dive into some of … Read more

Koala Brain – Why Is the Koala the Dumbest Mammal? How Being Dumb Can Be Smart

Is Koala dumbest mammal?

Whenever we travel to Australia, we love to observe that iconic marsupial, the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus).  Even though it is becoming more and more difficult to see wild koalas in their native habitat, we have managed to track them down by following the amazing roars of the male. The koala has one of the lowest … Read more

How Dangerous are Stonefish? (Can You Die if You Step on a Stonefish?)

Photo of stonefish blending into coral and sand

Here’s one fish that I’m glad I’ve never encountered in its natural habitat!  I’ve written this article in the hope that this information can help prevent accidental and potentially life-threatening encounters with the most venomous fish in the world. The Stonefish is the most venomous fish in the ocean and many people have died after … Read more

Best Cruise Ports for Nature-lovers in Australia and New Zealand (& Komodo Island)

A man in a hat is standing next to a dead lizard on Komodo Island.

We have given nature presentations on cruise ships for many years and have had the opportunity to visit over 90 countries and at least 200 cruise ports throughout the world. In this article we’ve highlighted our top picks for the best cruise ports in Australia, NZ and SE Asia for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.  … Read more

How Smart are Crocodiles? Can They Cooperate, Communicate…Use Tools?

A large crocodile displays its intelligence by using tools to communicate and cooperate with others.

One of our most memorable times involved taking our five-year old son to visit to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures in far north Queensland Australia.  We were thrilled to watch giant crocs leaping from the water to grab dead chickens, or chooks, being dangled from long poles. Recent research has shown that crocodiles are intelligent hunters that … Read more

How Can We Save Our Oceans? With Marine Sanctuaries!

A striped fish swimming in the water promotes awareness for marine sanctuaries.

As a Bachelor of Science ecologist and avid free diver, I’ve done some research to see if there is progress in saving our amazing oceans.  After finding abundant evidence that Marine Sanctuaries are making a positive difference, my optimism is renewed.  Marine Protected Areas and Ocean Sanctuaries protect plants and animals, water quality, the ocean floor and shoreline, and the air that we breathe.  It is politically possible to set aside extensive areas where fishing, mining and … Read more

Why is the Cassowary the Most Dangerous Bird in the World? 10 Facts

A close up of a bird with a long beak, highlighting the Cassowary's dangerous nature and unique characteristics.

The Cassowary is one bird that commands respect and awe.  As a biologist I’ve noticed that much of the information circulating about these birds is misleading or downright incorrect.  Join me as we travel to North Queensland, Australia for real facts about these amazing creatures. The Cassowary is dangerous because of its size and strength. … Read more

Climbing the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree – Australia’s Scariest Tourist Attraction?

Scaling Australia's Scariest Tourist Attraction, the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree.

No one told me this was Australia’s scariest tourist attraction!  Climbing a 75 m fire lookout tree seemed like a good idea at the time… age 66 and in my prime. Karri trees can grow up to 90 m (295 ft) and are among the tallest trees in the world and the highest trees tourists … Read more

Where Can You see Lyrebirds in the Wild? the Blue Mountains, Australia

A lyrebird with a long tail standing in the grass of the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Whenever we explore the scenic hills and valleys of eastern Australia we are on the lookout for the amazing Superb Lyrebird.  The lyrebird has become somewhat of a movie star since David Attenborough featured one mimicking the sounds of a chainsaw on the BBC series Life of Birds (see the video at the end of … Read more