How Citizen Activists Can Make Shift Happen. A New Way of Mapping Policy Dynamics

Mapping policy change

Policy change typically unfolds according to two key determinants: 1. how contested ideas are framed, and, 2. the discursive competence of respective actors (see below for a brief discussion of this term).  In a stable policy context, there is enough overlap between competing frames for incremental policy change to occur.  Incremental policy change involves “non-innovative … Read more

Shift Happens When People Collaborate: Great Bear Rainforest and South East Queensland Case Studies

Photo of people putting heads together

Big shifts in environmental policy can be confirmed by the money and resources spent on instituting the policy decisions through statutes, regulations, agreements, and policy statements. Policy changes are only meaningful when they carry the legislative force of the state. Anything less is mere talk and wishful thinking. In this article I will consider two … Read more