Irukandji Jellyfish Facts and Adaptations (Can They Kill You? Are they spreading?)

Irukandji by Lisa-ann Gershwin

We like to snorkel in tropical waters throughout the world and, as biologists, we’ve learned to be cautious when it comes to jellyfish.  Not only are jellyfish stings painful; some species can kill you!  In this article I will explore some of the latest scientific findings on one of the most dangerous groups of jellyfish … Read more

What to Do if You Encounter a Bullet Ant? (World’s Most Painful Stinging Insect!)

Bullet ant has the most painful sting of any insect!

I’ve always wanted to see a live bullet ant up close because of its reputation for having the most painful sting of any insect.  My opportunity occurred in Ecuador, while hiking with a guide through the Amazon rainforest.  Turned out the ants had us surrounded! If you encounter a bullet ant, be extremely careful not … Read more