How do Electric Eels Work? (Can an Electric Eel Kill You?)

Electric eels can produce 600-volt electric pulses up to 400 times per second.  These high-voltage pulses are so strong that they remotely activate the neurons inside the prey, making their muscles spasm.  This immobilizes the animal so the electric eel can swallow its prey whole. Humans have been attacked and killed by electric eels, but … Read more

How Does Soybean Cultivation Contribute to Amazon Deforestation and Loss of Biodiversity?

Amazon deforestation

On a recent cruise up the Amazon river, we witnessed firsthand the relentless deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.  Our shore excursion to the rainforest meant hours of driving through large expanses of land that had been cleared to make way for agricultural use.  The biodiversity of the Amazon is at risk, particularly in Brazil.  I’ve … Read more

How to See MORE Wildlife in the Amazon: 10 Practical Tips

Tree frog in Amazon rainforest, Ecuador

After several visits to South America including an Amazon river cruise, and after careful research, we chose a lodge adjacent to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. This turned out to be one of our top trips for watching wildlife in many years of exploration throughout the world!  The Amazon is remote, involves long flights and … Read more

What to Do if You Encounter a Bullet Ant? (World’s Most Painful Stinging Insect!)

Bullet ant has the most painful sting of any insect!

I’ve always wanted to see a live bullet ant up close because of its reputation for having the most painful sting of any insect.  My opportunity occurred in Ecuador, while hiking with a guide through the Amazon rainforest.  Turned out the ants had us surrounded! If you encounter a bullet ant, be extremely careful not … Read more