How to Keep Bird Feeders Clean (Top Tips for Avoiding Salmonella)

Bird feeder

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Pine siskins have been dying from a Salmonella outbreak this winter. We’ve found over 125 dead in my city alone.  Bird feeders need to be kept clean and the seeds should be kept dry. Otherwise, diseases such as salmonella can spread quickly.  We can keep our wild birds safe and disease free … Read more

How to See MORE Wildlife in the Amazon: 10 Practical Tips

Tree frog in Amazon rainforest, Ecuador

After several visits to South America including an Amazon river cruise, and after careful research, we chose a lodge adjacent to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. This turned out to be one of our top trips for watching wildlife in many years of exploration throughout the world!  The Amazon is remote, involves long flights and … Read more

Is it Safe to go on Safari with Africa’s Top Predators and Most Dangerous Animals?

A close up of a black buffalo on safari in Africa.

With our biology backgrounds, extensive research, and five trips to South Africa and Botswana, my husband and I have learned how to enjoy and stay safe with top predators.   If you plan well, learn the safety rules, and obey them, you can have a safe safari.  The safest way to view Africa’s predators is from … Read more

How Can We Save Our Oceans? With Marine Sanctuaries!

A striped fish swimming in the water promotes awareness for marine sanctuaries.

As a Bachelor of Science ecologist and avid free diver, I’ve done some research to see if there is progress in saving our amazing oceans.  After finding abundant evidence that Marine Sanctuaries are making a positive difference, my optimism is renewed.  Marine Protected Areas and Ocean Sanctuaries protect plants and animals, water quality, the ocean floor and shoreline, and the air that we breathe.  It is politically possible to set aside extensive areas where fishing, mining and … Read more

What is Killing Our Resident Orcas? Endangered Killer Whales

Endangered resident orcas leaping out of the water expose threats to their survival.

As a National Park warden and diver on Vancouver Island, in the 1970’s, it was my duty to protect wildlife and soon became my passion.  There was outrage when we discovered that half of the Southern Resident Orcas had been shot or captured and sold for entertainment.  Most were youngsters.  Now over forty years later, … Read more

Keeping Mason Bees as Pets

Keeping mason bees as pets gather nectar from flowers.

With ten years of experience and research, I’m delighted with keeping Mason bees because they’re fun garden pets who need a safe home. They’re interesting to watch buzzing around feeding themselves and at the same time they’re reducing my food bills. They’re pets that never interfere with travel or holidays! Mason bees or orchard mason … Read more