Why Wolves Howl (Wolf Communication Explained – Listen to Wolves Howling)

Photo of wolf howling

Over many years of research as a biologist, one of the most fascinating topics I’ve run across is wolf communication and the science behind the haunting quality of a wolf’s howl. Wolves communicate using vocalization, body language, scent, touch, and taste.  Wolves howl to communicate with other pack members about their location, to organize group … Read more

Are Wolf Dogs Safe or Dangerous? Do Wolves or Wolf Dogs Make Good Pets?

wolf showing teeth

I’ve always been fascinated with wolves and their ability to hunt cooperatively to bring down large animals like moose and bison.  As a biologist I’ve become interested in the controversial topic of wolf dog hybrids.  I’ve written this article to explore the dangers wolf dogs pose to people and to wild wolf populations. Wolves and … Read more