Why do Lions Have Manes? (Do Dark Manes Mean More Sex?)

lion mane close up

In our travels throughout South Africa, we’ve always treasured our memories of viewing lions in the wild. When observing lions up close, we’ve wondered “why do the males have manes?” And why is there so much variation in the color of manes? Are the dark ones sexier? Research is showing that the main role of … Read more

12 Reasons to Visit Table Mountain, Cape Town – Fun Facts and 360 Photos

Sunrise over Table Mountain in Cape Town, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of South Africa.

Table Mountain was recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.  We took the cable car to the top to find out why.  Join us as we discover 12 reasons to visit this iconic place of natural beauty with spectacular views of Cape Town. The view from the top of Table Mountain alone … Read more