Great White Sharks – Lifespan, Lifecycle and Diet (Cool Facts You Won’t Believe)

Photo of great white shark showing teethjaws

The lifespan of great white sharks is thought to be up to 70 years or more, which is far longer than earlier estimates. This makes it one of the longest-living cartilaginous fishes currently known. Scientists believe that female great white sharks need 33 years to attain reproductive age, while males reach sexual maturity in about … Read more

How Many Senses Do Sharks Possess? (Electroreception Made Easy!)

Photo of shark swimming towards camera

I’ve researched sharks for many years and some of my most popular presentations feature sharks and their amazing abilities. Sharks have senses that seem magical since we humans have nothing of the kind. Sharks have seven senses including two that humans do not possess 1. electroreception for electric fields, and 2. lateral lines to detect … Read more