Ten Tips for Using 360 Videos in PowerPoint Presentations

A man standing in front of a building, utilizing 360 videos for PowerPoint presentations.

I’m a regular speaker in front of large audiences and have used 360 videos and panoramas in my professional presentations for over five years.  I often get rave reviews and find that 360s engage audiences and make my presentations stand out.  Here are my top ten tips for incorporating 360 videos and panoramas into your … Read more

5 Top Tips for Awesome Travel Presentations (That Will Make You Stand Out!)

A crowd of people in a large auditorium attending an awesome travel presentation.

As a frequent guest speaker, I have given hundreds of presentations to audiences of 100-300 people or more.  In this article I want to share my top tips for giving an awesome travel presentation that audiences of all sizes will find engaging and memorable. Many of us return from our travels with memory cards filled … Read more