How Do Komodo Dragons Reproduce? (Forked Penises, Males Are Optional)

Photo of Komodo dragon

Believe me when I tell you from personal experience, that observing wild Komodo dragons from a few feet away gives you a whole new respect for the size and power of these giant lizards. Komodo dragons can reproduce either sexually or by “virgin conception” depending on environmental conditions. In the wild they usually reproduce sexually, … Read more

Best Cruise Ports for Nature-lovers in Australia and New Zealand (& Komodo Island)

A man in a hat is standing next to a dead lizard on Komodo Island.

We have given nature presentations on cruise ships for many years and have had the opportunity to visit over 90 countries and at least 200 cruise ports throughout the world. In this article we’ve highlighted our top picks for the best cruise ports in Australia, NZ and SE Asia for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.  … Read more

Are Komodo Dragons Dangerous? (Where Can you See Them?)

Photo of Komodo dragon

Ever since my days as a young biologist, one of my favourite creatures of all time has been the amazing Komodo Dragon – largest lizard in the world! I have since had the good fortune of visiting the UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park in Indonesia.  Komodo dragons are dangerous predators. You can see Komodo Dragons in … Read more