Is it Safe to go on Safari with Africa’s Top Predators and Most Dangerous Animals?

A close up of a black buffalo on safari in Africa.

With our biology backgrounds, extensive research, and five trips to South Africa and Botswana, my husband and I have learned how to enjoy and stay safe with top predators.   If you plan well, learn the safety rules, and obey them, you can have a safe safari.  The safest way to view Africa’s predators is from … Read more

Why are Hippos Aggressive? (Why Do Hippos Kill People?)

Hippos yawn to give threat signal

We were on safari in a mokoro – a local canoe – in the Okavango delta, when our guide suddenly veered away from the main river channel and plunged into dense reeds.  Why?  He was trying to avoid a potentially deadly hippopotamus. I’ve done extensive research to learn why these animals are so aggressive. Hippos … Read more