How Dangerous are Stonefish? (Can You Die if You Step on a Stonefish?)

Photo of stonefish blending into coral and sand

Here’s one fish that I’m glad I’ve never encountered in its natural habitat!  I’ve written this article in the hope that this information can help prevent accidental and potentially life-threatening encounters with the most venomous fish in the world. The Stonefish is the most venomous fish in the ocean and many people have died after … Read more

How Smart are Crocodiles? Can They Cooperate, Communicate…Use Tools?

A large crocodile displays its intelligence by using tools to communicate and cooperate with others.

One of our most memorable times involved taking our five-year old son to visit to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures in far north Queensland Australia.  We were thrilled to watch giant crocs leaping from the water to grab dead chickens, or chooks, being dangled from long poles. Recent research has shown that crocodiles are intelligent hunters that … Read more