Leaf Cutter Ants – Surprising Facts and Adaptations; with Pictures and Videos

Razor sharp mandibles of Leaf cutter ant

Leaf cutter ants are among the most charismatic of insect species.  We enjoy watching them parade by with leaves held like parasols as they cross the jungle floor in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.  Not only do they have a festive appearance, they feature some amazing adaptations. Leaf cutter ants are the … Read more

Top Cruise Ports for Wildlife and Nature In Costa Rica

Scarlet macaw Costa Rica by George Sranko

Costa Rica is famous for its protected areas and wildlife watching opportunities. In this article we’ve highlighted some of our favorite spots that are easily accessible by cruise ship from Puerto Limon and Puntarenas. Puerto Limon, Costa Rica The Cruise terminal is located at Hernan Garron Salazar Where can you see wildlife? The closest place … Read more