Is it Safe to go on Safari with Africa’s Top Predators and Most Dangerous Animals?

A close up of a black buffalo on safari in Africa.

With our biology backgrounds, extensive research, and five trips to South Africa and Botswana, my husband and I have learned how to enjoy and stay safe with top predators.   If you plan well, learn the safety rules, and obey them, you can have a safe safari.  The safest way to view Africa’s predators is from … Read more

Best Cruise Destinations for Wildlife in Africa / Madagascar.

African elephants standing in the grass, highlighting their essential role in maintaining habitat ecosystems.

Best Cruise Ports in Africa for Nature Lovers, Birders & Wildlife Watchers We have given nature presentations on cruise ships for over a dozen years and have had the opportunity to visit over 90 countries and at least 200 cruise ports throughout the world. In this article we’ve highlighted our top picks for the best … Read more

How Smart are Crocodiles? Can They Cooperate, Communicate…Use Tools?

A large crocodile displays its intelligence by using tools to communicate and cooperate with others.

One of our most memorable times involved taking our five-year old son to visit to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures in far north Queensland Australia.  We were thrilled to watch giant crocs leaping from the water to grab dead chickens, or chooks, being dangled from long poles. Recent research has shown that crocodiles are intelligent hunters that … Read more

African Elephant Habitat Is No Accident (Essential Role of Elephants in the Ecosystem)

African elephants walking down a dirt road, showcasing their essential role in the ecosystem.

One of our favorite activities in Africa is to watch elephants in the wild.  Anywhere, anytime!  They are such intelligent caring creatures.  And the babies are fun to watch.  One of the most surprising things about elephants is the role they play in creating the ecosystems they call home. Elephants play an important role in … Read more

Where Can You See Wild Lemurs in Madagascar? One of the Best Places

One of the best places to see wild lemurs in Madagascar: a black lemur climbing a tree in the forest.

Join us on our expedition to find wild lemurs in Madagascar.  Lemurs are some of the most iconic creatures on our planet and we were excited to find and photograph some rare Black Lemurs in the wild.  One of the best places to see lemurs in the wild is Lakobe Reserve on the island of … Read more

What is the Cost of a Safari in Kruger National Park? (Self-Drive is Our First Choice!)

Elephant family drinking water with their trunks

One of our favorite places on the entire planet is Kruger National Park.  Every time we go, we feel like we’ve been transported to a wildlife paradise.  Kruger is a top safari destination noted for easy access, budget friendliness, and some of the greatest diversity of wildlife available in Africa. In our experience, one of … Read more