Platypus Venom and More (Yes, a Mammal with Eggs, a Duck-like Bill, and Electrical Receptors)

Photo of platypus

We’ve had the good fortune of sitting quietly and watching wild platypuses swimming and feeding in their native habitat in Eungella National Park, Australia.  The duck-billed platypus is often considered the most unique and bizarre mammal on the planet with some of the most unusual adaptations you will find anywhere.  Let’s dive into some of … Read more

Do Jellyfish have Brains? (How Jellies Hunt and Kill without Brains!)

Jellyfish nervous system

As a biologist, I’m fascinated with one of the most successful creatures on our planet – the jellyfish.  Let’s take a closer look at how they manage to survive… even when it seems they do not have a lot going for them!! Jellyfish do NOT have brains (or bones, teeth, blood…or even hearts).  Instead, they … Read more