Where Can You see Lyrebirds in the Wild? the Blue Mountains, Australia

Whenever we explore the scenic hills and valleys of eastern Australia we are on the lookout for the amazing Superb Lyrebird.  The lyrebird has become somewhat of a movie star since David Attenborough featured one mimicking the sounds of a chainsaw on the BBC series Life of Birds (see the video at the end of … Read more

What is the Cost of a Safari in Kruger National Park? (Self-Drive is Our First Choice!)

One of our favorite places on the entire planet is Kruger National Park.  Every time we go, we feel like we’ve been transported to a wildlife paradise.  Kruger is a top safari destination noted for easy access, budget friendliness, and some of the greatest diversity of wildlife available in Africa. In our experience, one of … Read more

Where Can You Climb Giant Sand Dunes? Namibia!

On a couple of world cruises, we’ve stopped at Walvis Bay in Namibia.  This is one of the best locations in the world to access giant sand dunes and to have the thrill of climbing them. Two giant sand dunes that visitors can climb are Dune 7 and Dune 45.  Dune 7, the highest in Namibia … Read more